Saturday, January 30, 2010

DJ! Musica!

A brief pause from our usual programming to note a powerful commonality I've observed the last few years: nearly every wine geek I know is also passionate about music. Rock star importer Kermit Lynch makes records. Rock star Italian wine blogger Jeremy Parzen is an actual rock star with his own French band (don't ask). Our new friends Lars and Kelly are both talented musicians. Saignee, McDuff, Eric Asimov, all think and write about music. And I could go on.

Is this a coincidence? I doubt it. Whether cooking or eating or drinking, music is the perfect accoutrement. I'm admittedly biased against television, but unless we're talking football, beer and barbecue, there's virtually no programming to enhance your dining experience. Consider, by way of contrast, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Great Lake Swimmers. What we have there is cultural, thoughtful, expressive, unique. Sounds a little bit like the best characteristics of food and wine come to think of it.

So, if music isn't already part of your daily routine, the next time you prepare and sit down for a meal, don't forget to put a record on the hi-fi (that's high fidelity). You could listen to a mix cd, hit shuffle on the ipod, or type something into Pandora, but why not instead listen to a classic album in its entirety? You wouldn't hit shuffle on the genius of Grant Achatz or Bartolo Mascarello, now would you?

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