Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Good Run

So I forgot to post anything to this blog for a year. I had shit to do.

I had a couple of outstanding Champagnes recently, and although I fear the jinx, these bottles demand outing:

NV Marie-Noelle Ledru Grand Cru. I know I’ve got something special on my hands when my wife comments on the wine three times without prompting. It’s everything a kid could want from Champagne, hitting delicate notes of flavor and texture with pinpoint accuracy. If you live in Chicago, call the great Craig Perman, and beg him to locate some more. Here’s a great write-up on Marie-Noelle Ledru from Brooklynguy.

1999 Chartogne-Taillet Fiacre. I love it when this happens. I was out for a business dinner at an acceptable but very corporate establishment, and in the middle of a Champagne list full of big house names BAM! this little gem. Not outrageously priced either. So I ordered it from the waiter, and the sommelier promptly appeared with the bottle, beaming. “I’m so happy you ordered this,” he said. And notes that it’s his last bottle. He actually seemed kind of disappointed. I offered him a taste. “No way I’m going to pass on that offer,” he replied.

The wine was exceptional- long and clear and true. Even the non-Champagne nerds in our party (i.e., everyone except your author) appreciated its beauty.

It’s bottles like these that keep me popping corks and spending beyond reason. I wish Champagne was less expensive. Unfortunately, like Count Mippipopolous, I only drink it from magnum.

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  1. If I'd have known all it would take to get you to write again was to bust your chops a bit, I would have done it sooner. Nice post. Don't wait another year.